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Filing deadline for candidacy- ITTF President AGM-2021
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Author:  Hubeer [ 06 Nov 2020, 17:14 ]
Post subject:  Filing deadline for candidacy- ITTF President AGM-2021

Is there a deadline for filing to be a candidate for president of ITTF at AGM-2021 ?

I ask because I am trying to figure out who all will be the candidates.
The picture has changed drastically a few days ago when Adham Sharara's conviction was vacated early making him eligible to run again at AGM-2021. It raises the question as to whether he will run again himself or back a new candidate like Alex Li of MyTT or something, which is not farfetched. It is not clear as to whether Mr. Khalil Al-Mohannadi and Ms. Petra Sorling will seek the presidency. I read in another forum that Mr. Khalil Al-Mohannadi may have Arab money & support & he may have enough money to "buy" small associations LOL. Ms. Petra Sorling, being from powerhouse Sweden may have good support from Europeans.

Or Adham Sharara can setup Bruce Burton from Canada

Can you think of any other candidates you think may make good candidates ? What about your fellow Aussies like Greame Ireland, who had been around a long time or Paul Kyle from new Zealand.
I don't understand why nobody from like Nigeria are running. they may can support from Caribbean & African countries and in a 5 or 6 way split , that candidate can win.

I would nominate Greg Lett as he knows his place in the table tennis world and would become a great hero to smooth rubber players like Ebby Scholer, Adham Sharara have done in the past & Virginia Sung is doing now. Coming to think of it, I nominate Virginia Sung for 2024

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