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Is ITTF refusing to release AGM 2021 information ?
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Author:  denmer [ 04 Sep 2021, 05:19 ]
Post subject:  Is ITTF refusing to release AGM 2021 information ?

It had been a week after deadlines for various nominations for AGM 2021

Yet the AGM2021 page only shows nomination forms at

So does this mean ITTF won't release any information about these items to public until AGM2021 in November 2021 ?

Is there any reason why ITTF conducts these items in a cloud of secrecy with zero transparency ?

It seems to me that this has always been the case :- They discuss at AGM only a day or two and takes votes & people are elected & propositions are passed with little or no discussion. People who were convicted later, like Adham Sharara even became president.

Eberhard Scholer who was on equipment committee (a biggest conflict of interest) was promoted to the ITTF Executive council. ( I also won't be surprised if Scholer had presidential ambitions but the truth about Aspect Ratio came out and so he successfully set up a puppet Weikert at the helm).

Eberhard Scholer is also a part of WVC(World Veterans Championships) though he passed the frictionless pips ban to punish veteran players. Yet thousands and thousands of veterans players don't even know about this & faithfully continue to support Scholer & WVC.

Author:  JustinLanger [ 15 Sep 2021, 21:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Is ITTF refusing to release AGM 2021 information ?

ITTF released a list of nominees for one president & 8 (executive) vice-president positions. All 8 are now called executive vice-presidents according to press release below

https://www.ittf.com/wp-content/uploads ... 99_ALL.pdf

But it looks like either there are no propositions (& or resolutions) to AGM-2021 or ITTF will continue to keep propositions (& resolutions) secret until the day of AGM as usual.

Anyway, barring any surprises & if I am not mistaken, am I correct to assume that Ms.Petra Sorling, who is running unopposed, will then be elected the next (first female) president of ITTF ?
Looks like nobody else wants the job. LOL

Author:  Sharnee [ 20 Sep 2021, 00:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Is ITTF refusing to release AGM 2021 information ?

It has been almost a month since the deadline passed for submitting proposals & nominations for AGM-2021.
But the ITTF webpage still only shows nominations & propositions form but says deadline is 24th August 2021

Is there any reason ITTF is keeping these proposals & nominations a secret ?

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