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PostPosted: 27 Oct 2016, 09:36 
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leatherback wrote:
pgpg wrote:
notfound123 wrote:
Thanks... To rephrase my question a bit:

when my opponents get me into playing pushes, I do attack and that does not concern me much. What does concern me is their first loop which is usually very powerful and fast and very difficult to chop (especially if they aim to your FH). This is unlike what you see when pros open up by looping high and soft. So I guess by asking about getting into rallies I am really asking for advice on how to best
handle this first powerloop.

Yup, that's a problem - so you either need to be very quick and block it close to the table or be further away from it to chop/fish/guide it back. Are they attacking your serve or is it their 3rd ball? I guess in either case you do have some control in where you place your ball, be it your serve or return of theirs.

May be serving/returning to their deep BH will get you less powerful attack to deal with, and it is more likely to come to your BH as well, where you'd be waiting with LP to chop it 8) .

Placing your return into uncomfortable place (to make them move) and preferably deep will give you more time as well. Most of returns with LP are slow and are likely to have somewhat uncertain spin, so it will give your opponent some pause before launching their attack and might give you an extra time to get further back, perhaps.

As far as chopping on FH -I almost never get into chopping rallies on FH, since I'm not very good with chops there yet. I'm trying to go Gionis route ;)

I agree!

Serve return is why you are getting blasted off from the first loop. This is where LP has its biggest strength and biggest weakness.

You need to return long as you can where your opponent isn't waiting and give yourself time. LP allow you to do this by helping you control your opponents spin a bit.

However they can control the spin they get back to a certain extent so you must be aware of placement. It either has to very long and you are going back to chop. Or totally placed well or attacked and you need to stay on the attack in order for this to be effective.

Good responses here though! You aren't alone in the problem, it is the hardest part of any choppers game. We are the most vulnerable when we are drawn in close and then have to move back. I understand having good close to the table skills allows you to block when you are stuck out of position....but you still eventually need to move back and time is the only way you can achieve this.

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I think this sums it up.. I guess I need to remember to push as long as I possibly can

Attackers: "All pips players are cheaters who can't loop, move, or read spin"
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