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Aggressive serve return with pips
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Author:  kaesees [ 25 Aug 2017, 03:32 ]
Post subject:  Aggressive serve return with pips

I'm working on some aggressive serve return options to use as a variation when my opponent serves to my pips rather than just pushing long all the time.

So far, I'm having the most success with a punch type shot as I'm able to keep it over the net most consistently and add a little pace to the ball. It seems pretty effective when I'm able to place it into the far corner.

I've also tried a sideswipe (which sometimes confuses the opponent resulting in a 3rd ball attack that sails long, or a netball) and a sort of reverse chop block where I lift my blade nearly vertically at contact in order to continue the incoming backspin as outgoing topspin and add a little of my own, though the pace seems slow when I do this and as a result my opponent usually doesn't have much trouble dealing with this return.

What sort of aggressive serve return option do you think is the best one for me to develop long-term? For reference, I'm using P1-R in 1.0mm on a Defplay Senso.

Author:  LordCope [ 25 Aug 2017, 09:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aggressive serve return with pips

I have three LP service returns that I find to be particularly effective. You need to read the serve and react accordingly. In essence they are:

1) Sidewipe (either way)

This is effective against float serves and serves with some sidespin.

2) Chopblock

This is especially effective against topspin serves

3) Flick

This is excellent against chop serves

All require a good degree of feeling, and acceleration and a squeeze of the handle at execution, but mustn't be too energetic, or the shot will be uncontrolled.

Author:  maddrag [ 25 Aug 2017, 23:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aggressive serve return with pips

1- one of the most agressive return i know is the bump shot. Look at jian li subject. You can really hit it
hard on any spin.. It give from a float to light topspin return.

You can do the bump with the head of the raquet up or down depending of the serve.

- Down (head pointing the table perpendiculary to the table) when the ball is a low float or underspin
ball with low bounce and short.

- Up ( head pointing at the ceiling perpendiculary to the table) when the ball is a hight float or topspin.

there is no brushing just pain bump.

Head Raquet pointing down help to lift low ball or underspin ball with a wirst action that is help with
the reversal also. More underspin more wrist action to lift it. Float serve is return with little wrist

Head pointing up help to counter hight float and or topspin. With topspin serves the paddle can be
much closed as the force of the topspin.

2- An other one that is similar is that the bump is made sideways meaning the head of the raquet is pointing toward the side. On you backhand side it is really effective to use after receiving a shot backspin. You just shout toward his backhand corner.

an effective tactic is to do a short serve and heavy backspin. If he push it to you on your backhand corner, doing that shot will make him run toward his deep backhand corner after being to the forehand top corner. If the return is quite fast it will be pretty difficult to return.

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