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Chopping with Rasant turbo
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Author:  ebark63 [ 29 Sep 2013, 02:59 ]
Post subject:  Chopping with Rasant turbo

I am not a chopper by trade but... While playing a lower ranked player I decided to start chopping some of his loops. Was able to keep chops nice and low over net ad vary spin. Sometimes I would give a no spin ball that would float over net then sort of stop and drop onto table. If opponent missed the retur the ball would just bounce couple times on their side of table then just stop. When I dig into sponge I could create a decent amount of backspin but remember I am not by any means a chopper so these results suprised me. Could not imagine what a real chopper could do with this rubber. Just my two cents. Ed edit: 2.1 black sheet on hunter venom blade if anyone is interseted.

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