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Super chop
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Author:  Pongalong [ 26 Jul 2020, 18:26 ]
Post subject:  Super chop

I'm an occasional inverted chopper, and let's say once in every 50? chops, despite using the same technique, speed etc., I can tell as soon as the ball leaves my bat, that's it's loaded with extra spin. The opponent invariably drives it into the bottom of the net, or more often his side of the table.

1. What have I done differently?
2. How often would the world's best choppers get this effect?
3. Is it possible for a (high level) opponent to see it coming (and adapt)? As above, they wouldn't see it coming from me, because the stroke looks the same;if it comes off the table differently I imagine it'd be too late to adapt; if? it makes a different noise chances are they wouldn't hear it, which leaves, as far as I can imagine, only the possibility of a different, floatier flight path? So do other choppers get this same effect from their opponents?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Author:  skilless_slapper [ 01 Aug 2020, 00:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Super chop

1. Probably brushed the ball more than you think - with inverted you wont get any passive reversal against incoming top spin. So you would need to brush finer and harder to get this extra heavy back spin.

2. Whenever they want!

3. Depends how well the chop is disguised. A super chop is not too difficult to return, provided they know bbn it has mega spin on it. There is always some noticeable difference to create a heavy spun ball vs a dead or lighter spun ball. Your strokes literally cannot be identical and have different spins.

Check out this video


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