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 Post subject: Mystery ball
PostPosted: 25 Mar 2021, 17:19 
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Hi all.
I'm looking for an explanation for the following:
Player with a good loop/drive against chop, say Ratings Central 1700 (add 500 for US?) level for that stroke. Can hit all day against anti spin, same with against long pimples, though as the spin builds with reversal things can get trickier, and good against inverted too, just have to lift harder than against anti. But a strange thing happens occasionally against inverted, only against inverted (sometimes if feels like 1 in 4 balls, other times 1 in 50), I'll be hitting happily, lifting hard to get it over the net, when the occasional ball will fly way long. It feels as though the ball sticks to the rubber and therefore gets thrown upwards. I'm not necessarily saying that is what happens, just what it feels like. It's not a dummy chop by the chopper, and it doesn't matter if the chopper is left or right handed. In both cases I'm right handed hitting forehands across court - the left hander is chopping backhand, and the right hander forehand. With the left hander, I notice when he changes from anti to inverted, apart from being heavier, the ball swings in to me, because there is greater sidespin. I doubt it is relevant, and it doesn't swing from the right hander, just mentioning because that's the only other evidence I have.

I don't recall ever seeing the pros mysteriously miss one by a mile. What's going on?


 Post subject: Re: Mystery ball
PostPosted: 25 Mar 2021, 18:39 
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Have a look at a few of Hou Ying Chao's matches, he is chopping with short pips Spectol and can vary the spin very good. Rather often the opponent (even Chineese national team players) misreads the spin and sends the ball very far away.


The more grip you have in the rubber you chop with, the more speed you need at ball contact. The rubber must contact the ball faster that the rotation of the ball, or else the back spin after the chop will be less than the top spin before the chop. With long pimple this is not the same, bacause of the lesser grip and because of the pips bending. With short pips it is somewhere in between. So the heavier you loop to an inverted chopper, the more difficult it is for the chopper to return with lots of spin. It can actually be that the rotation stops and the chop becomes more like the stroke most modern defenders use on FH, a loose drive to guide the ball back to the table, with slight top spin and sidespin or no spin.

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