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Serving Strategies for Antispin or Long Pips Players
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Author:  PushSmasher1 [ 09 Nov 2021, 12:53 ]
Post subject:  Serving Strategies for Antispin or Long Pips Players

I'm new to using Anti (frictionless) and would like to hear what serve and shot sequences you have found to be effective when playing with anti.
For example, 3 serve combinations that I have had really good success with thus far are:
1. Serve with inverted short side/underspin to their forehand, and bump aggressively with the anti to their backhand corner.
2. Serve fast long side/underspin to their wide forehand and then block their loop short with the anti to the backhand side.
3. Serve long underspin to their backhand corner - If they push the return, bump aggressively with the anti to their pocket or wide forehand. - If they loop, block short with the Anti to the forehand.

In general, I twiddle extensively and primarily use the anti for serve return and to block the opponents first loop. From there, I hope to get a loose return from them that I can attack. I have a modified Seemiller grip, so I normally play inverted on both forehand and backhand, only using the anti for specific situations or during shot sequences I have prepared.

Any serve combinations you have found affective, or even shot combinations during the rally that work good for you I'd love to hear.


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