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Author:  Ppo [ 22 Aug 2019, 06:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Now I don't training yet I'm from Italy

Author:  steveh [ 22 Aug 2019, 23:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hello from western North Carolina. I have been a club and occasional tournament player since 1969. For most of my tournament years, I played inverted on the forehand and short pips on the backhand (rated 1850-1950). After a layoff of a few years, I started playing hardbat seriously, and I have been full-time hardbat for the last 10+ years. Unfortunately, almost all my hardbat play has been against sponge competition because there are so few hardbat players around. I am thinking seriously of taking up sponge again for my third table tennis career. You will probably find me in the short pips forum.

Author:  Noppen-Jedi [ 13 Sep 2019, 18:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi Guys,

i am Kai, 27 yo from Germany.

Ive been playing tabletennis since the age of 10, but had a 5 years break till june 2019.

Im here to get advice on short pips game - seems like there a specialist in here :D

Greetings from Germany,


Author:  Gazzatron [ 16 Sep 2019, 07:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi all
I play in London north mid tt league. Premier Division.
My dad was a cunning hardbat player who amazingly
Could out chop even sponge bat players.
Myself, I've taken to be an active defender, anti/Lp player.
I'm veteran now, came runner up in our leagues over 50s comp, beating a ranked player along the way. I'm 51 now.
Played since 14. Like my dad enjoy the occasional classic hardbat game as a chopper mainly.

Author:  Carpe Noctem [ 08 Oct 2019, 21:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

As suggested hereby my introduction
- where are you from, country and club, where you play: Private
- how long you've been playing: 15 years
- playing style: Allround
- level: National level as a child, below national level now that I play with the big boys :rofl: but stopped competitive after I became of age and found joy at the bar and by hitting on girls instead of hitting a ball. 8)
- job or what you do outside TT: Private
- other hobbies: Fitness
- how you stumbled upon this forum: Been reading this forum for years, can't remember exactly... probably a search engine. Looking forward to contribute and ask questions for once.

Author:  Xwood [ 11 Oct 2019, 05:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hello all my name is Prima from indonesia..
I am totally new in table tennis world..
I am 28 Yo..
I am just start playing 6 months ago..
My playing style is all round
My job is wood supplier
Other hobies is cutting wood and blade making

Now i am using my own custom made blade to playing for fun..
Since i dont want spend too much money for blade so i start to making one..
I have woodworking basic so i am trying to making one for my self..
But the first one i made is extremly heavy and had "funny" looking handle..
So i decide to make the second with my woodworking team at our shop..
Now its getting better and better..
And i hope soon i can made something good enough.
I am happy to be join in here..

Author:  Gazzatron [ 29 Oct 2019, 05:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi all,

My name is Gary. I play modern defence , using either anti or LP backside. And currently using hurricane 2 on pips set up and chop and drive on the anti set up. My anti set up blade is a lovely old classic, a stiga stellan bengtsson defence. The pips set up blade is hallmark combi. Love the old classic hardhat era. Dad use to play this style and, never changed often beating rev rubber players by pure chop and flick, using an old barna style blade which I still have. Played frictionless for the period before they banned them, hallmark super special in fact. What a topspin killer that was..

Author:  TryHard [ 29 Oct 2019, 06:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

My name is Chris. I played in a college dorm many years ago, never got very good. I started again about a year and one month ago at a small club here in Austin Texas US. Since then Ive been playing 10-12 hours a week and taking some lessons. I also play in league at a bigger club once a week. I’ve also seen just about every free TT video tutorial on the web. I also practice with a robot that a buddy of mine put in a storage locker. I’ve played in a handful of tournaments here in central TX.

I play double inverted, double-winged attacking style close to mid distance. Andro Treiber Z with Xiom Omega 7 Euro on both sides. Ive tried a few other blades and rubbers, this is the one that chose me!

I work in accounting & tax prep. Found this forum because a lot of questions I google about equipment and techniques comes back to this forum. Some really helpful, knowledgeable and experienced people. So, I decided to join up and occasionally throw in my $.02 where I can.

Author:  PauloDucato [ 16 Nov 2019, 00:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi I am Paul.
I played lots from age 7-15 ( leagues, tournaments) in the UK.
I have not played for 35 years, so for anyone good at maths that makes me 50, for everyone else I'm 40 :)
I am going to go along to a local club where I now live in France and start hitting some balls again.

Author:  netopot [ 17 Nov 2019, 03:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

hello my name is netopot, I'm 45 years old.
I live in Brazil, training for 12 years in a club, play in regional and national championships, when possible.
I use a 5 ply hinoki Avalox jtech Cpen, and TSP spectol on FH and TSP curl-p1 on BH.
PS:sorry for english i'm using a google translator.

Author:  gnub [ 30 Nov 2019, 10:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself

Hi all!

- My name is Kevin and I just moved to Arizona, USA, and just started playing at a university after playing casually on and off over a few years.
- I don't have a style yet as I'm still a beginner (but I've noticed I play a bit closer to the table than everyone else).
- I currently work as a software engineer
- I enjoy cooking and learning anything new!
- I stumbled across this forum since I wanted to learn more choosing the right paddle. ( I just ordered one and am waiting for it to arrive )

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