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Rubber cleaning experiment
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Author:  Davown2000 [ 13 Jan 2015, 19:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubber cleaning experiment

[quote="Davown2000I gave the Acuda S3 rubbers a second spray of olive oil and left it to soak in. The black rubber has responded well and most of the red rubber but the patch of lost grip, whilst slightly diminished, is still there. But, this is just a practice bat and the rubbers are quite old so no major headache. I'll probably give it a third treatment shortly.[/quote]

Update: I wasn't overly enthusiastic about trying olive oil for a third time and had previously tried RP7 so looked around for some other common household substance and came up with vaseline. Applied a lite coat on the compromised red rubber and waited about an hour for it to absorb into the rubber. This took quite a while due to the thicker nature of vaseline. The result was quite stunning. The grip factor of the red rubber went from 5 out of 10 to 10.

I focused on hitting with the red rubber for about an hour in some basic drill work using what I call a junkmate (home made rig) and was seriously impressed with the spin factor of the revitalised Acuda S3.

My table sits outside under cover but its very dusty and hostile to rubbers. The grip noticeably reduced over the hour session but that would have happened with any bat given the conditions. I rinsed it off and it seemed to have improved but was probably now a 9 grip factor.

Overall, very impressed with the test.


Author:  rikyjacho [ 09 Nov 2016, 05:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubber cleaning experiment

haggisv wrote:
I would guess it makes little difference which oil you use... I've used other vegatable oils and it still worked fine.

Hey broo greets from Ecuador, just saw this topic and the only question I have is if I can use the oil on new rubbers, or not so used rubbers?, or is this just for old used rubbers? :?:

I also wanna know what are your thoughts of this product for rubber 'rejuvenation' alternative https://www.amazon.com/Sprayway-RUBBER- ... entries*=0 it will work with tt rubbers with no harmful effects? I saw a guy posting this product on this subject but no answers yet..

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