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Dunlop Revolution 6000 Premade Bat Review
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Author:  mahomedy13 [ 31 Oct 2014, 01:09 ]
Post subject:  Dunlop Revolution 6000 Premade Bat Review

Review: Dunlop Revolution 6000 premade bat.

About the bat:

The Revolution range offers a real step up in performance. Designed for advanced players, the 6000 provides high levels of speed and spin thanks to Revolution Max II rubber and advanced D30 sponge. Dunlop Biomimetic technologies include Aeroskin edges and Hexagonal dampners for more speed and improved vibration control.-Dunlop

My impression: This is a lightweight,well balanced premade bat.It is not really fast,but is quite spinny.

Game situations:

Serve:I was able to put spin easily on the ball,and place it with ease.Control was great.Ghost serves were very easy to produce.

Serve receive:This rubber is not too sensitive to spin,so returning underspin serves was rather easy.Flicking the backspin serves was relatively easy.

Short game:It was quite easy to play short with this bat,as the ball didnt have a high bounce off the rubber.The throw of this bat is not high,but not low to be called linear.

Blocking:This is where I think the bat played the best.Active and passive blocking was easy,and the ball could be placed quite well where I desired it.

Topspin to topspin:

Close to table:it was very easy to play a close to table topspin game.Sometimes it felt as if the rubber needed a bit more power to play great.

Away from table: It was fine to play away from the table,however a greater physical exertion was required.The ball lacked power,so the away from table rallies made me a bit tired,as the opponent was able to return my balls with ease.

In conclusion,I believe this bat is ideally suited for a beginner that has been playing for a while.A complete beginner will not be able to control the bat.It will suit those that want to play a good game of table tennis,but are not interested in making their own bat.

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