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[VKM] Close to the table blocking setup
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Author:  ttvoyager [ 08 Feb 2019, 19:56 ]
Post subject:  [VKM] Close to the table blocking setup


Here is an idea for newest experiment:

Personal details:
1. Quite busy with regular job;
2. Have additional hobbie (sport related), which takes part in other 3 days of the week;
3. 26 years old;

~0.5 year of moderate practice (~3 times per week, ~1.5h sessions) with coach;

Current setup:
Blade: VKM
BH: Curl P-4 (OX)


Rubbers I'd like to try:
FH: yasaka rakza 7 soft 2.0 (ordered already, not sure whether I should have ordered thinner version, thought the feel would be too tough);
BH: dr. Nebauer ABS 2.1;

(Reasons of the experiment) searching combo, which will:
1. Not interfere FH development;
2. Help to build short/passive strokes at first;
3. Give enough control and feel to learn efficiently;
4. Help to provide enough trickiness for opponents (using mostly passive strokes with high reversal);
5. Will fit into close to the table blocking style;

Is it going to work out?
Please share your thoughts :)

With Respect,

P.S. I'm not sure whether the forum section is valid for the post (as it is mostly related to frictionless anti, but I'd like to hear thoughts with regards to other options as well), my apologies if it is not (please move it to the right place if applicable)

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