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TSP Spectol Speed VS Blue
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Author:  Roll [ 23 Mar 2020, 16:34 ]
Post subject:  TSP Spectol Speed VS Blue

Hi All,

I'm currently using TSP Spectol classic (BH) with Tenergy 05 (FH) on Zhang Jike ALC.
The classic Spectol is not very grippy which is what I like, however, it's also very light (makes the blade less head heavy and less powerful on FH strokes) and the sponge is too soft - the ball sinks into it too much and I feel that the blocks and drives are not as flat as dangerous to the opponents as I'd like them to be.

I used to use BTY Challenger Attack, but it was too grippy, and BTY Speedy P.O., which was less grippy and its sponge was harder - and I think was the best one of the ones I've tried so far.

I'd like to try short pips similar to BTY Speedy P.O. but with the speedglue effect. There are two candidates:

1) TSP Spectol Speed Sponge
2) TSP Spectol Blue

What are the differences between the two? Does Spectol Speed have the same non-grippy topsheet as Spectol classic? Is its sponge harder? Is the topsheet of Spectol Blue more or less grippy than Spectol Speed's?

Thank you very much.

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