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Question from stoopid!!
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Author:  figgebass [ 01 Aug 2020, 22:21 ]
Post subject:  Question from stoopid!!

Hi. I’m new to this forum so forgive me if I am in the wrong section etc.
Simple (I hope!) question: If I want a blade that neutralises spins as much as possible and is as forgiving as possible, hat characteristics should I look for?
I’m a complete newbie so talk to me like I don’t know anything... cos I don’t know anything..;-)

All the best


Author:  LordCope [ 01 Aug 2020, 22:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question from stoopid!!

A blade can't really neutralise spin - that's a physical impossibility. As for "forgiveness", again, you need to be a bit clearer... if you make a bad shot, misread spin, or angle your bat inappropriately for the spin on the ball, you're going to be punished. While "speed" of rubbers and "speed" of blades is a thing, I'd say 95% of what determines whether you handle spin is down to you understanding and identifying what spin is on the ball, and angling the bat and playing with the right amount of power.

However, it is possible to have equipment which makes it harder for you to get it right, once you make contact - typically by getting carried away by marketing rubbish about power, speed, spin etc.

So, as a beginner I would avoid any blades described as "offensive". Something wooden, with 5 layers (called ply), and described as "all round" is about ideal for a learner.

In terms of rubbers, I would avoid anything described as "fast" or "catapult effect", "tensor" or any such thing. I'm a big fan of bog standard all-round chinese rubber - eg Friendship 729 Super FX. There are players at national level and above playing with rubbers like these, so as a beginner you're not in any way going to be held back.

If I were going to give you a blade/rubber combo which would be forgiving, I'd give you a Yasaka Sweden Extra with Friendship 729 Super FXX in 2.0 mm on each side. It'd cost about 50 euros altogether, and would be sufficient for your needs as a developing player right up to the top local levels and beyond.

Author:  Red_lion [ 03 Aug 2020, 13:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question from stoopid!!

That's a sound advice from Lord Cope..

To add, rubber thickness may affect return.. the lesser the thickness, adds more control. But of course you have to learn the basic ( principles of ball rotation )

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