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PostPosted: 11 Feb 2011, 12:25 
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This posting is not to replace/repeat any other review that has touched on the same blade or rubbers. Just wish to share my experience of my latest blade/rubbers combination pleasant game with you.

I am playing with a Xiom Jazz, a Hinoki topped 5 ply blade now, coupled with Neo H3(regular version) and 729 Faster rubbers(one year old rubber! Great value :D ).
Initial feeling is nice. It reminds me of the Btty HS7 I had previously. Jazz, however is much more controllable, since it’s a 5 ply and has soft Hinotki top layers. Placing the ball at places intended is easy.

This combo provides good spin and speed(yet with great dwell time). My serves and loops(fast or slow) have excellent spin. Doing tricky straight or spiny serves alternately generates a lot confusion to opponents. They either return out or high which provides opportunity to smash.

I always like high trajectory. But this blade medium throw turns out comfortable to me. Returning a forceful incoming loop, at mid distance from table, is particularly beautiful. My FH return loop kicks off speedily at straight line across the table, net height, to the other corner.

Short push is finely executable. With a little wrist and lower arm work, you may be do BH push the ball form one corner to another either to base line or near net. At near table, I enjoy soft loop driving the ball high to base line. Combine with neo H3, it gives a nice and problematic second bounce. Or a hard loop drive at table will definitely send a powerful fast low ball with no opportunity to return.

Blocking is an important area for me and this blade combo does not fail me. Either hard or soft the block returns are correctly done and fast. My partner commented “looping can never kill you!” Well. He is not correct entirely. My legs are too old to run fast, and the sudden corner ball is always out of my reach! :oops:

I almost never chop any return. But this blade makes it tempting for me to do so. The chopping trajectory is straight or with a slight arc, with heavy bottom spin. So once in while chops really create confusion to opponents.

The only area it does not satisfy me is power. Not a huge problem since this blade should be played with "self release energy". For senior people, though, you will find it a little tiring after two hours of playing. Normally, then, I switch over to my reliable Stiga wood clipper - the dragon slaying sword of mine! The speed and the power then relive again!

Happy TTing, everyone. :)

My TT kits:
1. Xiom Jazz: 729 Faster 2.2mm, H3 neo 2.2mm
2. Clipper wood: Andro Roxon 450 2.2mm, H3 prov(2.2mm)
3. Btty Viscaria: Gambler SS , and Outlaw.


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