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PostPosted: 30 Mar 2013, 06:41 
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tabletennis_germany wrote:
I could tell some things about the Alligator Def(ensive) from the german brand Donic.

First one picture :rock:

It's a long pimple rubber with soft sponge (i play it with 0.5mm, so i can always say that the sponge is soft - not the ecaxtly hardness). The pips are really flexile, but not so soft like a feint soft for example (approx. mid-soft).

Really flexible pip. Official it's a defensive rubber, but like you could read it in the description there is a large "disturbing factor" at the table. I mean the disturbing factor is large, if you compare it with other defense pips!
So, it's :up: for variable players.

Hi i am interested in this lp - i am like you a defender so I need good reversal / backspin , so the attacker cannot keep hitting hard..
But you write that the backspin is not much - is it nok good for defending ?


In the defense, i am a defender!, the rubber is pretty easy to play. I mean it's slow (played on a ALL(-) blade) and a flat flight path, that's awesome!
But backspin is not so good. But for the good controll, it's :up: . I think of you play not so high (i mean you are not the safest defender or you want a really safe or a flexible pip) it could be a good choice.

Chop at the table is easy too. Shoots too, although i don't do that so often. :D

I liked it more than Destroyer and Feint Soft, which I could check a while. :P

More questions? No problem :), but i'm german. So try to speak in a easy way, alzhough my english is not that bad :D ;).

Greets, from Germany.

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PostPosted: 11 Jul 2016, 20:23 
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It'd be nice to see some new activity in this post... :3

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PostPosted: 09 Sep 2016, 07:17 
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Blade: Yinhe LQ1
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BH: Yasaka phantom 7
Blade: Yinhe LQ1
FH: Tibhar Evolution
BH: Yasaka Phantom 7 ( 0X )

* smooth pips
* great for "side swap attack" on loose balls or attackable balls
* Produce great reverse spin while blocking close to the table.
* Great disruption effect
* Great for return and attack style
* Great for players like Fabian Akerstrom
* When blocking loop and chopping loop produces low trajectory.

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2017, 01:45 
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cyber1call wrote:
keme wrote:
...I'd take the Palio CK531A. Nice mix of control, reversal, and attacking ability. Not a killer in any field, but easy to use and able to do it all (to some degree), which is what a beginner needs.

We have a player at my club who uses CK531A Ox and has a US rating over 2300. To a point it's usually not the rubber...it's the player!

Any current videos of this guy ? How about a newthread for him !

Panda Drive / 4H Xiom Sigma Pro 2 2.0 / BH Xiom Omega IV Elite Max / Play right-handed
XVT balsa carbon 10mm / 4H Xiom Sigma Pro 2 2.0 / BH Globe 979 Long Pips OX / Play Left-handed shakehand
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Cpen SOS Wood / 4H 729 802-40 2.0 / BH GD Talon use righthanded shakehand grip
HARDBAT / Shakehand Hock 3 ply / Friendship Dr Evil OX .. Play Right-handed

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2019, 02:13 
Goes to 11
Goes to 11
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What's similar to Cropcircles? Or what is Cropcircles like as a long pips? I don't play with it, but I've been asked to help someone get his Cropcircles replaced. It's either not made any more or Tenryu doesn't carry it any more, which amounts to the same thing in this case. :lol: I've searched the forum, can't find much info.


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