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PostPosted: 07 Mar 2019, 14:32 
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I have seen numerous videos where its demonstrated on how wrist is very critical fro that extra spin. In the last 4 months of my gameplay, I have rarely used my wrist and use more of my waist and leg for looping, however lately I have started using wrist and I not only find it awkward but also have to keep reminding myself to use wrist while playing top spin shots.

My key questions is - Is the wrist movement a snap or a normal wrist movement through the shot (no snapping)


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PostPosted: 10 Mar 2019, 13:15 
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For me on normal strokes, I think successful wrist usage is more about other parts of the stoke and not about actively engaging the wrist during the contact phase of the stroke.

On the forehand, if your grip is relaxed, and you allow the paddle tip to remain low in your ready position so that the paddle is more or less is a straight line continuation of your arm, when your forearm hinges you will automatically get adequate wrist action without forcing the wrist to move.

On the backhand if you have a relaxed grip, take the paddle tip back toward your hip while allowing the elbow to remain out front and then "throw the Frisbee" you will again get adequate wrist without needing to focus on engaging the wrist during the contact phase of the stroke.

I don't teach it, but it is fairly common to squeeze a little just before contact. That can add a little wrist as well.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2019, 04:03 
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There is a video by /u/Emratthich about using wrist.

I agree about using the "full" body to generate power.

Problem is how well can you impart all the power in a "controlled" manner as spin or speed ?

So first learn to brush the ball consistently without sending it shooting off the table or into the net without using wrist.

Then later on when you have developed the skills to land the ball with Topspin, start using wrist to increase the effect of what you can add as spin or speed.

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