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 Post subject: Defensive strategies
PostPosted: 12 Mar 2019, 19:49 
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Hi, I'm currently a modern defender who chops on both BH (LP) and FH (inverted) and also attack with my forehand when i have the chance or even attck with my LP when i have the chance.

However i struggle with tactics and what i should be doing at times because my coach doesn't really know what to coach me because I'm the only defender at the club. I often just look at YouTube videos and try to learn from them.

What tactics should i be implementing into my game (I'm 17 and play for my county and play at a decently high level).

Should i be twiddling to push back ball so it has higher backspin?

Should i try and get into a defensive rallyas soon as possible?

Etc etc

Also what drills are good for these sort of things / drills for a defenfer.

Many thanks.


 Post subject: Re: Defensive strategies
PostPosted: 12 Mar 2019, 23:34 
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Honestly your best bet is to find a high level defender and to learn from him/her. Also, it's really hard to give advice without knowing your level. What country do you play for? Are you on the National team??

I would recommend the following two drills for any defender, regardless of level (i.e. you can't be too good at this)

1) Pushes all over the table (mixing BH LP pushes with FH inverted pushes). Don't twiddle unless you know what you're doing. You should be able to rally for a minute without losing the point.

2) One BH chop, move in, one BH push, and repeat -- one BH chop, move in, one BH push... If you regularly play decent high level opponnents, this is how they would play against you (assuming you have a spinny chop). This excersise is a must.

 Post subject: Re: Defensive strategies
PostPosted: 13 Mar 2019, 02:17 
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Have a look at these threads for more suggestions about tactics and drills:


You can also use the search function with keywords such as strategy, drills, ...

- style: modern defense -

 Post subject: Re: Defensive strategies
PostPosted: 14 Mar 2019, 01:33 
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You raise a very good point, and that is the lack of information and training for defenders. If you look at the volume of videos out, or general information, it is mostly all geared toward the offensive style. Thats a shame, as it is a fun and great way to play. Im not sure why this is, but its the way it is.

The guys at Ping Skills devoted a segment toward defenders, and I applaud them for that. Here is it:


Coaching is equally hard to find.

I agree with the advice to far, and I would say that you should never, ever be out pushed by another player. That is one of my goals. Therefore, your back and forehand pushes have to be rock solid.

Good luck!

 Post subject: Re: Defensive strategies
PostPosted: 15 Mar 2019, 19:15 
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Bobv wrote:
Coaching is equally hard to find.
Good luck!

I can't find a single LP-centric coach in my city ... Most LP players here, are either self-taught, or get pointers from other experienced LP players..I'm talking, ofcourse, only for training on the LP side...

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