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PostPosted: 18 Apr 2024, 02:47 
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moming wrote:
I bought a few of these because they turn out to be very very good for me.

First of all, the Pro is actually short for Provincial in Chinese. Dawei had supposedly made this version for Chinese Provincial team players, like how DHS has H3 for Provincial team and National Team. But since no Chinese National Team member is using LP as I know, there would be no one to use a National Team version, thus, only a Pro level version for 388 D-1. And it is built into the mould of the rubber in Chinese characters Provincial Team in the lower right hand corner.

I can tell you this has friction, if you buy from an honest reseller, untreated, and pips size is within legal limits. Even the height is quite short, ~1.70 mm without glues, I checked with calipers, so unless you put way too many layers of glue, it will not exceed 2.0mm

The bottom sheet is super thin. On top of that the material is quite soft and very elastic. So this must be one of the most difficult OX LP right to glue.

Having said all that, how does it play?

Long answer short, really really well for a legal OX LP!

Spin reversal is almost as good as it gets for legal LP.

And the returns have what I would call an unstable trajectory, for not having a better way to describe it. You can say on the opposite side of the spectrum, a BTY Ilius B, which has some sponge, has a very predictable trajectory. it's not a fault of the Ilius B, if you like to have a consistent and powerful attack, a stable trajectory is a good thing. This thing 388D1 pro will dip and float.

Definitely not as fast as Grass Dtecs, but I find Grass Dtecs too fast, I can't properly block a strong loop drive, of course this is mostly my problem. If you like a fast OX LP, and very funny, Grass Dtecs is the way to go. But with 388D1 it is as funny as Grass Dtecs, but you can control the ball to go slower, and drop the shots shorter.

I keep saying "slow" but it is not as slow as Yinhe's Neptune, that is way too slow, it became difficult to use. The 388D1 Pro is just right for me.

And quite surprisingly attacking works quite well with this, not very fast, but you can attack well. And I am really beginning to wonder if a fast attack with OX LP is really necessary with 40+ balls, a good opponent will take a half step back and loop it back no matter how fast the OX LP attack, unless the placement is really nasty. So a slower attack that brings the opponent closer to the table is actually useful too, if it has the same nasty placement.

And I was even more surprised how quickly I can adapt to it, all the flipping, flicking, redirecting came together without too much practice.

Some of you will always want to know about chopping. I am not a chopper at all, and this is not as good as P1V for chopping, I would say similar or maybe better than Grass Dtecs. If you are mainly a chopper, I don't think this should be your goto rubber, unless you are on a Chinese Provincial Team, maybe those guys/gals can chop really well with this, but likely they will put some sponge on it if they are pro choppers.

So I can only say, this suits my style really really well, I went and bought 10 sheets because it is so cheap. And the material doesn't feel like it will last. Even bad gluing will easily destroy the rubber, so I have lots of spare just in case

@moming you speak about this version ?


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PostPosted: 18 Apr 2024, 16:22 
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yes, but OX version. I did try a sponge version, very typical sponged LP, which I had tried to like over the years, but never connected to sponge. I can just say with sponge, the attacks are much faster, chops are nicer, but much less funny

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