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PostPosted: 23 Dec 2007, 18:22 
Dark Knight
Dark Knight
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I got a sheet of juic 999 elite Nano Tuned, which is basically a factory tuned sheet. It came in the packaging shown below:

It's a fully sealed bag made from some sort of foil, and the normal carton cover is stuck around it.

I cut open the bag and removed the rubber sheet. This sheet normally comes with a plastic protection sheet attached to it, but in this case it had been removed, obviously because of the tuning procedure. There was a faint smell of some sort, but I did not recognise it. The sheet looked completely clean and dry, apart from a tiny trace of a few drop near the label on the topsheet...nothing in used area... It also had a bit of a dome as pictured, but the sheet felt soft and very flexible, so the dome could very easily be pushed down.

The sponge felt perhaps only slight softer than a normal sheet. The sheet measured 18.3 x 17.1cm and weighed 66g (max sponge). The previous sheet I had measured 17.8 x 16.6 cm ... so it's reasonable to assume that the sheet had expanded by 5mm in both direction due to the tuning process.

I cut and glued the sheet onto my cayman blade with normal TT glue... Just a normal single layer that i use for other rubbers was plenty to attach it.

Playing with the rubber was pretty much as expected... it's felt like the previous sheet I tried with quite a boost in speed and sound... definitely felt like a few layers of speed glue. It was VERY spinny... I could really make the ball kick sideways off the table... which already impressed me with this rubber unglued.

I didn't feel this soft rubber was a particularly good match for my cayman blade, possible coz of the real soft feel of the blade as well, or perhaps I'm growing accustomed to the much harder Globe 999 Nat rubber... not sure.... I didn't try it for long enough to adjust...

But this tuned rubber has a very good glue effect, and plays like it has several layers of glue... We'll have to wait and see how long the effect lasts...

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PostPosted: 24 Dec 2007, 01:32 
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haggisv wrote:
But this tuned rubber has a very good glue effect, and plays like it has several layers of glue... We'll have to wait and see how long the effect lasts...

That's the milion dollar question - or for this rubber, the $50 question anyway :lol:

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PostPosted: 30 Dec 2007, 00:00 
Angel of Abbyss
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If it's like the domination tuned, something around one or two months.
The positive point is the speed which stays almost the same, even whitout speed glue, one month on the blade and it is still fast.
The grippy effect disappears after more than one month but I am not sure it is due to tuning or the rubber itself.

But it is nice to play with it, to avoid speed glue too.

Maybe is the Juic beter and stays fast and grippy... just wait for any news about tests.

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