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PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 20:32 
Kim Is My Shadow
Kim Is My Shadow
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BJ20 wrote:
Are there still players that use the Killer in 1.5 on backhand ?

- Is it good for opening against chopped balls ?
- Is it deceptive when you block with it / good sinking effect ? or is it to easy for the opponent.
- Can you chop with it if you are away from the table (when in trouble, i know you have to play close to the table with med pip)
and gives it some reversal or is it more a no spin ball the will produce it ?

Great reviews by the way, thx.
Just looking for more and new opinions.

In my experience:

1. Yes
2. Yes it will drop or die on an opponent but the extent depends on how skilled you are with it.
3. If I chop away from the table it's because I'm in trouble. I found the combination of the longer softer pimples and sponge quite springy and didn't give as much control as the Dr Evil for chopping. For me it's strength is not chopping and if you watch Dr Neubauer's video I don't think he chops once in the whole video - which as it's a promotional video tells you something about what it's intended use should be for.

Most rubbers will give some spin reversal depending on where on the blade you make contact with the ball. To me Killer played much more like a medium pimple rather than short pimple. I also really struggled with people who pushed the ball short. I simply couldn't push the ball back with this rubber - not conventionally like I can do with other short pimples I've used. And again, if you watch Dr Neubauer's video for Killer he never shows a tight over the table rally, his practice partner is always looping or driving at him so he has pace to work with. I think Killer would be good if you play a counter hitting game up to the table against attackers, but against pushers or "passive players" or people who have good touch around the net I didn't like it. Unfortunately for me, using Killer was an expensive experiment that didn't work.

This week I moved back to an old sheet of Dr Neubauer Tornado Ultra 1.8mm on my backhand which I find is much better suited to my game of up to the table counter hitter/blocker.


PostPosted: 03 Mar 2015, 06:57 
OOAK Super User
OOAK Super User

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I tried the Dr. Neubauer Killer 1.5 red on the penhold forehand of a Juic Stellan Bengtsson Alpha Kevlar blade.

I had tried it earlier on a harder, faster blade and found it played too flat, but on this blade I seem to have found the sweetspot.

Forehand I find I have a little better touch on pushes than the Armstrong Attack 3. It may have slightly less spin on serves.

Was controllable on the forehand, fine for smashes and rolls, not sure if I had as much control though as the pips don't bend easily.

Traditional penhold blocking I find much better control than Attack 3 and it is very easy to block short or with underspin.

I found reflex blocks when playing doubles would win me the point when scrambling, so a welcome surprise there.

-- Andrew

Jack Miller custom Kevlar/carbon Chinese style penhold
Armstrong Attack 3L 40 1.8 red
Nittaku Nodias 1.8 black

Jack Miller custom Kevlar/carbon Chinese style penhold
TSP Spectol Blue 43 hardness 1.5 red
Air Scirocco SN 1.8 black

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2018, 03:46 
OOAK Super User
OOAK Super User
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just bought a newish sheet from e bay £8 1.5mm

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2019, 08:51 
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SuperHappyFunSlider wrote:
The reviewer:
I’m I guess an above average player – Unsure what my USATT rating would be, but in AUS I’m a Top 100 Player. I play an aggressive Long Pip Blocking/ Forehand Attack game, with some chop defense in there for good measure. However due to lots (and lots) of coaching I’m capable of playing with just about any rubber. When playing with Short Pips I play a slightly more active version of above.

Physical Properties:
Black – 1.5mm Sponge. The Sponge is very soft and floppy, so to speak. Smells VERY strongly of old speed glue. Nearly got a head spin when I opened the packet. As is standard Dr Neubauer, This is a very high quality short/Med Pip – the pips just bend very slightly on touch and are tightly packed together. They are aligned horizontally and are grippy on contact also. My initial reaction when gluing this sucker was “This feels very interesting, and very unlike any of the Chinese Med Pip’s out there”.

This Rubber tends to behave very much like a short pip as far as speed goes. Much like the grippy pips such as Raystorm and 802-40, The speed depends on your effort. If you’re actively punching, the ball zips, with a very low throw and skids off the table. For a flat hit/smash this rubber is extremely effective, one of the most effective I've used.
Blocking –This rubber has 2 types of blocks – active (short pip) and Passive (Long pip) and is capable of both. The active block sinks into the sponge and springs back reasonably quickly. A long pip block IS POSSIBLE with this rubber. This is unusual for a medium pip. I was standing at the table chop and drop blocking back big nasty loops from my training partners. They tend to go back high and slow, but are hard to keep short. Spin details below!
Rolling and Looping – which surprised me – was possible both against top and backspin. However a roll against backspin – more like a short than a long – needs to be more active and you can’t afford to be half hearted in your stroke.

Spin/ Spin Reversal / Effect:
- Spin on Attacking strokes – This sucker generates spin on the aggressive roll. This surprised me as a rubber that is also capable of reversing. I’d say this is closely related to the length of the pips vs the high density. As far as a recommendation though, It’s probably not recommended IMO to be used as a spin generating short pip, as it is far more effective at the fast and low block and punch.
- Spin on serves/pushes – This generates similar spin to the grippy pips on serves. While not as much as an inverted, you can comfortably serve a short backspin serve. I also found on push returns you can vary between the no spin and backspin push. Again – Spin generated is not high however there is enough of a difference to notice as a receiver.
Reversal/Effect on block and punch: On Punching, as noted above, the ball sinks low and fast. For the other side of the table, they had to really get down low to lift it up. However due to not having a large amount of spin or reversal on the fast punch, the lift didn't have to be particularly heavy. But if I had to loop against this thing, I’d get pretty tuckered out!
On Blocking long pip style- As stated above, it DOES work. However it is not a high level reversal rubber. What I find most interesting is that you can change from a punch block to a chop-block against an attacking topspin from your opponent. This took me a fair bit of practice and trial, and one must be committed to your stroke IMMEDIATELY because an In between block will inevitably fail. I found this happening to me quite often.

This is the biggest downfall of this rubber by quite a way. It isn’t a beginners pip by any shake of the sauce bottle, and while I found it exciting to use, it seems that every action had to be precise. You had to commit to your strokes immediately, sit behind the ball, be active in your follow through, and be in the right position – and it’d do what you want it to. Any slight slip up and you’d be likely to error.

Chopping – This rubber isn't listed as being made for chopping – god knows why. It’s Fantastic away from the table, with variety between no spin and backspin chops very comfortable to navigate. It took me quite a while to get the trajectory on the float chops, but once sorted they’re quite evil! Again, like playing at the table, one must really contact the ball fully to get the desired effect. Probably not for the faint of heart to use.

Reference: This rubber doesn't compare to the other Med Pips out there that I’ve used. The only way I could describe it is like using Dtecs with beefy sponge and short pips. I Can’t really find any other way to legitimately describe it.

In Conclusion! This rubber has it all – It REALLY does. I've never had a medium pip that I can long pip block with and chop and float so with comfortable variety. But It comes with a price tag, and it comes with a fair bit of caution to the wind – Put in the hours and the effort to use this rubber and it will reward you. If you’re lazy in your technique, if you’re not prepared to get comfortable with it and learn the intricacies, you won’t be able to reap the benefits and put it to best use.

how different is the shape of killer and killer pro pips? if its so unspimy like spectol then its useless for fh

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2019, 05:25 
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Blade: Stiga Clipper Wood ST
FH: Palio AK47 RED (red)
BH: Dr. Neubauer K.O. Pro 1.5
Tried Killer 2.0 on FH of a defensive blade.

Desruptive sinking effect on attacks is huge. If you hit the table it is almost sure win.
Rolling is easy, fast and effective. Chopping with 2.0 is impossible -- too fast.
Blocks are hard to control.

Disclaimer: I normally play inverted FH and I am successful at hardbat competitions,
but I have little experience with fast pips-out rubbers.

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2019, 00:24 
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Blade: Xiom zetro quad
FH: Xiom omega 7 pro
BH: Dr neubauer killer pro
I love this rubber, I can do whatever I want with the opponent's returns without a care xD. Only problem is it's bottoming out when I rip a strong backhand when the opponent pushes long. I can feel the wood below. The ball goes super fast and low but can be inconsistent. I have it in 1.8mm red. Do I go for thicker sponge or get the harder pro version? I don't want to sacrifice any sinking effect.

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2022, 06:16 
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Blade: Globe Whirlwind 583
FH: 729 SuperFX 1.5
BH: 755 0.5mm Mystery III
I have very hard time returning fast low nospin serves with Killer 1.8 effectively. It is relatevly easy to put it back on table but to return with quality so opponet can't loop you return seems very very hard. But i know it is somehow possible because I know one good player using it effectively.

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