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PostPosted: 12 Jul 2022, 16:31 
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ziv wrote:
nathanso wrote:
Unless this sponge is unusually soft, it's usually quite difficult to bottom out sponge with BH stokes. Is it possible that it's just really corky, i.e. a loud rubber?! Very soft sponges are often loud like this, and it doesn't necessarily mean they're bottoming out. As far as brushing with SP, you shouldn't need to do that unless you're deliberately trying to introduce spin variations. SP's strong suit is flat-hit balls that arrive on a beeline without any topspin to help your opponent lift their return over the net. Watch some Mima Ito videos on Youtube to get an idea of this. Of course, these are also the most difficult strokes to deliver, so less elite players like us tend to strike a balance between safety/success and the beeline drive. For me, the most rewarding SP drive is one that's so fast and spinless that my opponent hits it onto their side of the table first, as if they were serving. :devil:

The sponge is indeed very-very soft, softer than the Waran's, the softest I've ever seen (although I am no fan of soft rubbers).

I understand what you're talking about, and my BH strokes naturally aren't brushing. But when I hit the ball with the FS, the feeling is like there's no rubber at all, like a bare blade. I haven't had this feeling with any other rubber. With the Waran, you may feel something similar when blocking a really hard topspin shot, but with the FS it's almost every shot.

Is too soft that you could tear the sponge?


PostPosted: 01 Oct 2022, 19:33 
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Just bought a sheet of Waran 1.8 red to try on the FH on a fastish balsa carbon blade.

Feels really hard and slow and nothing like Waran used to play like. Sponge seems harder and unboosted and top sheet more plasticy, in fact more like 802-40 than a tensor short pips. Spinlords quality control seems really poor and as many forum posts report boosted sponges go off after only a couple of months.

Apparently Spinlord are releasing a revised faster Waran soon which hopefully will have a decent sponge maybe more like the original yellow one.

May try Barna legend fire as it is getting good reviews, Firestorm soft being just a bit too soft and thus inconsistent!

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