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PostPosted: 18 Nov 2020, 22:21 
Iron Pips
Iron Pips
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In the new LARC list (more than a month ago, I am geting lazy....) are some interesting stuff.

First, a new brand: Pongfinity (our Finnish trick shots friends). With the new rubber Sensei (bearded Otto usually have a t-shirt with "Sensei" written on it 8) ). I am guessing it is a controlled offensive rubber? And perhaps then they will have a long pimple for Emil to use? https://www.youtube.com/c/Pongfinity/featured

How about this rubber (rings any bells?)
Saviga Super Block Out 113-007 NEW
The name may be explained by this rubber:
Saviga Super Long Long 113-008 NEW

I got very curious about the new ones from Dawei, I thought they almost had ended their existance:
Dawei 388 D-2 Long 20-001 NEW
Dawei King of Long Long 20-002 NEW
Dawei 388 C-2 Out 20-003 NEW

Also, Hallmark is back with more rubbers:
Hallmark Tactics LP Long 35-007 NEW
Hallmark Destroyer Long 35-008 NEW
Hallmark Devil Anti Anti 35-009 NEW

Lion is also interesting:
Lion Trapper SP Long 46-018 NEW
Lion E-Shield Anti 46-019 NEW

And Nexy:
Nexy Etika In 94-006 NEW
Nexy Stealer Long 94-007 NEW

And this:
Spinlord Dornenglanz III Long 108-027 NEW

Victas adding TSP and some other:
Victas Spectol S1 Out 117-032 NEW
Victas Spectol S2 Out 117-033 NEW
Victas Spectol S3 Out 117-034 NEW
Victas Spinpips D1 Out 117-035 NEW
Victas Spinpips D2 Out 117-036 NEW
Victas Spinpips D3 Out 117-037 NEW
Victas Curl P1V Long 117-038 NEW
Victas Curl P2V Out 117-039 NEW
Victas Curl P3V Long 117-040 NEW
Victas Curl P3 Alpha V Long 117-041 NEW
Victas Curl P4V Long 117-042 NEW
Victas Curl P5V Long 117-043 NEW

Other new pips or antis:
Dr Neubauer Explosion Extreme Out 26-044 NEW
Dr Neubauer Killer Extreme Out 26-045 NEW
Nittaku DO Knuckle LONG-1 Long 54-058 NEW
KBS Truva SP Long 198-006 NEW
Sword Scylla III Long 70-019 NEW
Yasaka Trick Anti Anti 83-035 NEW

The list is difficult to find at ITTF, but I found one here: https://www.der-materialspezialist.com/ ... 0_1913.pdf

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PostPosted: 19 Nov 2020, 03:25 
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Sword Scylla III Long 70-019 NEW

I had 2 x Sword Scylla . They took it out of the LARC,meaning the old sheets are no longer valid.Now they come out with a new , valid version ........ ,which you have to buy ,...meaning the old version must go into the trash can ..... this should stop!!! ;( ;( ;(

By the way, old Scylla version :70-003

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