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 Post subject: Routine between points
PostPosted: 25 Jun 2022, 21:51 
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I've been reading Get your game face on by Dora Kurimay and trying out some of the ideas there. Basically its about how to think between points. It reminded me about this recent thread started by Debater: https://ooakforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=39197&hilit=watching#p396095

To sum up the game face routine it has four steps that you perform between each point: Reaction, Recovery, Ready and Ritual

Reaction: How you react to the last point, by celebrating, staying neutral, negative etc. The book recommends a breakdown of 80% neutral response, celebrating 10% and "challenge response" 10% of the time. A challenge response is different from a negative reaction ("come on you can make that shot!" in stead of "I'm so bad")
Recovery: Calming down (deep breaths, getting the heart down)
Ready: Preparing the next point, visualizing your serve and the opponents reaction or your serve return when opponent serves.
Ritual: Bouncing ball two times before serving or similar.

Would be interesting to hear from anyone that tried this or similar routines. I was already doing some of this but not deliberately and I've seen some benefits when trying it out in practice matches the last few weeks. One useful tool for me has been visualizing serves as its kept me from making bad decisions when serving. For example in a tight sitation I might have randomly choosen to go for a short side-top spin serve to forehand that proved effective earlier in the match. After visualizing the serve I might reconsider since its a very risky serve if nerves make it go slightly long.

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PostPosted: 25 Jun 2022, 22:23 
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I do a very similar thing.
But a lot more positive response. I try to stay away from the negative. But im not so good at neutral.

I try to be in control of the pass of the game. I see it as an import mental aspect of the game. I always use towlbreaks and don´t give the ball to soon to my opponent.

I always tell myself what serve i´m gonna do (in my head) and what the followup should be.

I always do a ritual and take time to lower my heartbeat. Unless i want up the pass of the game because opponent is tired and i´m not

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