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PostPosted: 09 Sep 2022, 11:54 
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Blade: Matsushita Def
FH: Yasaka Raksa 7
BH: Stiga Horizontal

I'm switched to a "matsushita pro model" as my defensive blade. This blade is a def type. This blade is the "older" model ....

Backhand a Stiga Horizontal 55 0.6mm and Forehand Yasaka Raksa 7 (max)

I felt weak when play close to table with my current setup because the Stiga Horizontal with 0.6mm and the def blade is to slow to block. But when i chop with the Stiga Horizontal from middle of the table this feel good.

I want a balance between "chop & block". I think need a 1.5mm for my backhand maybe ...

For my forehand the yasaka feel good. Very spinny & good control.

Any suggestions to improve my current setup ?

Regards from Chile!


PostPosted: 10 Sep 2022, 00:29 
OOAK Super User
OOAK Super User
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Blade: Yasaka Falk W7
FH: Razka X max, black
BH: SavigaV LP 0.5 sponge red
This is a lot of "my opinion" or personal taste:

Your set up is very good for off the table modern defender.

I would use a set up for the way you mainly want to play. Using thicker sponge is an OK option, but to get a much better block effect you will probably need a faster blade (which won't work as well when you chop). There is no "one set-up fits all styles" out there.

PostPosted: 10 Sep 2022, 09:06 
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Blade: Yasaka Sweden Classic ST
FH: Hurricane 3 41* black 2.2
BH: MXP or Hurricane 8 2.2
Too slow to block?

Usually the slower the set up the easier it is to block and not go long when someone is giving you high-powered shots.
Especially with pips because no topspin is going to help you bring the ball down.

If it is truly too slow, there are a lot of all-round blades that do 'everything' 'quite' well and no need to pay $$$ for 5-ply wood.

I'm not a defender but have moved to 5 ply wood because it offers the best of everything and if you are using two different rubbers = offensive and defensive a middle ground is logical.

Follow the middle path.

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PostPosted: 30 Sep 2022, 22:04 
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Blade: DHS Classic 08X
FH: Victas Ventus Extra 2.0
BH: Butterfly Feint Long 1.3
I'm a modern defender also and i enjoy playing really offensive after chopping, if you want to play more close to the table i think the first thing you should is move to a faster blade, i suggest something all- off- that better suits blocking, like joola cwx or donic dotec Wang xi, then maybe putting on a better LP for blocking like donic spike P1
If u want to block a lot may consider switching to medium pips like nittaku do knuckle that are easy to play if coming from LP's and allows easy blocks close to the table

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2022, 23:10 
LP Collector
LP Collector
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Blade: Donic Defplay Senso v3
FH: DHS 651
BH: Dornenglanz
In my opinion the ideal setup for what you describe is a fast-ish blade (OFF-) with pimples with a thin sponge - eg dtecs 0.5. This will allow you to play aggressive pimples shots, to cause some disruption/reversal when blocking near the table, but will also work for further distant chopping.

I have used (on and off) a Donic Li Ping Kitex as my blade, and that's the same blade my coach (International level modern defender in his youth, and top 50 English player until retiring from competitive play), but I am sure anything similar would do the trick.

Can you clarify what you mean by too slow to block? I have changed to use a slow defensive blade, and like Boz says, I find it helps with controlling heavy attacks. What I lose with a slow blade is reversal / disturbance near the table, but right now in my game I am optimising for control. I'm guessing you're talking about something similar, when you say your blade is too slow for blocking? I feel you, but there's no magic solution. With every equipment change you're trading one advantage for another disadvantage, or end up settling on a middle path that does all things adequately and nothing exceptionally.

Donic Defplay Senso v3 | DHS 651 | Spinlord Dornenglanz
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PostPosted: 01 Oct 2022, 22:15 
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Blade: Stiga All Round WRB
FH: DHS Hurricane 3 NT 39ยบ
BH: Giant Dragon Talon NT OX
Horizontal pips alignement are oriented for attack & agressive game so not specially good for chop-block close to the table. But if you like it & you feel are slow try to increase the sponge thickness as you said.

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