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PostPosted: 11 Nov 2020, 19:29 
Joo Too
Joo Too
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xVanish69 wrote:
I follow Wang Xi for a lot with many others famous defenders.. But this style, at this level of play, its a totally different baest imho.. He's aggressive, very aggressive, even with pips, he stays more "on the table" and he play defence most in receiving serves. Mostly, when he has to serve he plays like an attacker, with vicious forehand attack in every directions. He is also more unpredictable with this style, he puts the fear in the attacker in what can do with his backhand side (Attack with pips? Defend? or attack with forehand?). I always admire pure defense, but these new style can create a new and very interesting trends, "The best defence is to attack".

Of course anyone can love this new style (like me) or can hate, because the original and traditional chopper is not this, but I think that can develop creativity and enachance the trend of new defenders, with statistically high percentage of wins (because attack imho its easier than defend). This is just my personal opinion, hope to see opinions of more expert people ;)

I didn't see the vids yet, but if he's attacking more than he's defending, he's not a defender anymore, but an allround player. I saw him play like that last year and he lost games he should have won. Maybe he did improve his game... But I'm not a fan.

There's always stuff to improve!

My blog on being a LP defender beyond 2000 USATT and the pips discrimination that comes along with that


PostPosted: 13 Dec 2020, 02:37 
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notfound123 wrote:
If you zoom in, still Donic Spike p1 pips, on what I believe is JSH. The handle looks like JSH/Diode but since there's no hologram it's likely a good old JSH blade which he played in the past. He used to play with some "blue-handle" blade, can't quite figure out what it is.

To follow-up on my own post, we now know the rest of his racket:

JSH blade
Dignics 09c (FH)
Donic Spike P1 (BH)

File comment: Wang Xi racket
dignics09c.PNG [ 744.7 KiB | Viewed 1138 times ]
PostPosted: 13 Oct 2021, 20:49 
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Is he definitely still using LPs?

If he is, they must be Feint Long 3 style pips where they're sensitive to spin, as he misses quite a few loops off the end of the table and has a very fast, aggressive chopping motion.

You can see from the video thumbnail that he's got different rubbers to the image posted above this, as his pips are now black.

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