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About the OOAK Forum

About the OOAK Forum

The OOAK table tennis forum is a friendly and lively table tennis community, committed to providing a comprehensive and independent source of information and advice about table tennis, and to help promote and grow our sport.

What are we all about?

We are one of the biggest table tennis forums on the net, we are well known for our friendly atmosphere, and high level of knowledge in equipment, techniques and table tennis rules. We embrace not only the conventional styles of play and equipment, but also focus on the less discussed ones like pimples, anti-spin, hardbat, pengrip, etc, as information and advice on these topics can be very hard to find. This has always been the cornerstone of our forum, and it's another aspect that sets us apart from the mainstream.

Our Goals:

Whether you're a beginner or high level player, we encourage a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for discussing any issues big or small. However we also strive for some higher goals to make a real difference for the good of our sport. These are:

  • Discuss table tennis and share our experiences to maintain and grow a high level of technical knowledge about equipment technology and table tennis techniques, particularly in alternative styles of play where information and advice is often scarce. Accumulate this knowledge in an organised manner within the forum for everyone to use.
  • Strive to protect the rights of players at all levels by monitoring and analysing current rules and table tennis management structure, by questioning and taking action on issues which our members deem to be detrimental OR supporting issues deemed to be positive for our sport of table tennis.
  • Promote our sport and seek new avenues of growth, through sharing our knowledge and offering advice and help when the needed or when opportunities arise.
  • Provide a friendly and social community for people to discuss our sport and other associated topics.
  • Promote and grow our forum, so that we can continue to increase our knowledge base and further the impact we can make on our sport.

  • Who are our members?

    Our members are from a wide variety of backgrounds from all over the world, and include beginner and social players, high level competition players, coaches, table tennis officials, retailers and manufacturers. All are encouraged to discuss and contribute in a friendly and unbiased manner, to make your experience enjoyable and informative. Our forum is run by a small group of moderators and forum staff, all volunteers and players themselves as well, who help keep things friendly and organised, and together decide on any issues that need to be resolved.

    Why join our forum?

    All the information on our forum is free to view for everyone, whether you join our forum or not. We don't make any demands from our members (other than to abide by the forum rules :mrgreen: , and any contribution you make is purely voluntary.
    If you do read our forum, we would strongly encourage you to join though. Membership is completely free with no strings attached, any private details (Email address) will be kept strictly confidential, and it comes with many great benefits, such as

  • post that you've read are marked, making it easy to find new and recent information,
  • being to chat to people privately via PMs (private messages),
  • having your own personal profile,
  • people can contact you through the forum and offer tips, help, etc
  • allows you to take part in any action when we do try to make changes to rules or address management issues, etc

  • Most importantly you'll likely have a lot more fun, by sharing your thoughts and ideas with fellow players of a common interest! If you love table tennis like we do, and would like to make a difference for our sport or for other members, we welcome you with open arms and encourage you to join our fun in our forum discussions, and perhaps help us in our quest to promote and grow our sport!

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