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OOAK Table tennis Projects and Links

Projects and resources established and maintained by the OOAK forum:

Equipment Reviews Index
A comprehensive list of equipment reviews on this forum.
Maintained by antipip

Pimple Players Video Index
A comprehensive index of videos of pips players.
Maintained by mynamenotbob and brabhamista

Rubber Mass Database
A growing list of rubber sheet weights for useful comparison.
Maintained by Silver

Sponge Hardness Table
A growing list of sponge hardness measurements for useful comparison.
Maintained by haggisv

Blade Composition List
A growing list of the materials used for existing blades.
Maintained by rokphish2

Manufacturers Index
A growing list of links to  the websites of all the table tennis manufacturer.
Maintained by brabhamista

Basic Strategy Collection
A growing list of discussions about strategies against various styles of play.
Maintained by speedplay

Table Tennis Clubs World Map
A growing map of all the table tennis clubs world wide.
Maintained by haggisv

Blade Weights list
A growing list of blade weights  for useful comparison.
Maintained by Vinnie

PIPS Website
A site established by OOAK forum members with article and information on pimple rubbers and techniques.

Table Tennis Directory
A directory of links to any table tennis related sites.

Other important areas of the OOAK forum:

ITTF Questions and discussions
Direct and indirect discussion between members and the ITTF.

Professional player Question and Answer section
Ask questions and discuss issue direct with current or former professional player or coaches:

Sebastian Sauer, Brian Pace

Specialised Equipment discussion areas
Dedicated section for the less common table tennis equipment of styles, including:

Long Pimples, Medium Pimples, Short Pimples, Anti Spin, Penhold Grip, Hardbat

Direct line to table tennis manufacturers, suppliers and retailers
A section for direct discussions between member and suppliers, including:

OOAK Shop, Zeropong, Megaspin.net

Commonly Used Table Tennis Links:

International Table Tennis Association (ITTF)

itTV table tennis video streams

OOAK Forum other sites

In order to promote the forum a little, which is of benefit to all members, a few other sites have been setup in the OOAK forum name.

Facebook, Youtube, Blog, etc
Maintained -> help required

OOAK Forum Sponsors / Acknowledgements:

These sites do not run the forum, but provide monetary or other support for hosting and maintaining the OOAK forum:

OOAK table tennis shop, experts in Table Tennis bats

OOAK table tennis reviews and articles

New OOAK table tennis reviews website

One Red Fish: graphic design

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