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The Metal Monkey Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to our dear friend Chris Biala, who was not only a great friend to many of us, but was a founding member of our forum and helped to make it the great community that it is today!



This page honours the memory of those forum members and friends who have passed on. May we always remember the contribution they made to our community, and the friendship they shared with so many of us.


Farewell our dear friends, it was an honour and a pleasure to have known you. May you rest in peace.



JimWeiland (Jim Weiland)

Reverend Reversal

Joined: May 04, 2008 7:41am
Posts: 334
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Left us: Jan 23, 2018
Farewell thread



Jim was a tenacious long pimple seemiller gripped TT player in the state of Wisconsin USA. Jim was a highly respected and loved pastor in his local community. He also loved his fishing. Jim leaves behind a loving wife and adult children. Jim had been a member of the forum for almost a decade, making many friends here with his high spirited personality, often displayed in his videos. Jim played in many USATT amateur tournaments and had accomplished the often elusive 2000US rating. Jim will be sadly missed for his friendship and valuable contributions to the forum.

Cyber1call (Steve Willis)

Horse Hockey!

Joined: Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:25 am
Posts: 978
Location: North Carolina, USA
Left us: Oct 1, 2013
Farewell thread



A very positive and friendly member who always went out of his way to help people. Cyber1call was a pillar of our table tennis community, always helping to come up with new ideas on how we can improve things. His persistance to continue playing and contributing to table tennis despite his health issues was truly inspiring. We will miss you dearly Steve, but you will always be remembered here!

Metal Monkey (Christopher Biala)

Joined: Sat Jul 07, 2007 11:57 am
Posts: 4423
Location: Sydney, Australia
Left us: Tue Jul 19, 2011
Farewell thread


A bright, friendly and welcoming member who played mainly with long and short pimples, but experimented widely. He played around the TT clubs in Sydney and at his work almost every day. He passed on at age 30 and in the prime of his game. A long time and very active member on the forum, Chris was of Filipino descent and loved to share not only his TT knowledge, but his cultural knowledge as well. We miss you dearly Chris, but you will always be in our thoughts!

Quelis (Miquel Juncosa)

Joined: Sun Now 25, 2007 9.30pm am
Posts: 479
Location: Barcelona
Left us: Mon Sep 20, 2010
Farewell thread

Miquel was a positive, loyal and very friendly forum member living in Barcelona, of Catalan descent. He was a loving father of two boys and a devoted husband to his beautiful wife. As we all do, he loved his table-tennis and he loved to share his ideas and experiences with the forum. For many years he played only with a Butterfly Legout dressed in an LP combo. He had 2 of them, and when he sadly contracted cancer and the forum sent him a Donic Cayman as a "get well" present, he sent one of his Legout blades to our now dearly departed Metal Monkey to try. Miquel was only 45 years old when he passed away. We miss you Miquel, you will always be remembered here.
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