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PostPosted: 08 Jan 2021, 10:46 
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fazer227 wrote:
kevgeomcc wrote:
But...man, the FH is just a bit too slow for me. *he says, in a whiny voice* (Daddy, I want a pony! A pony with a ripping FH!) But perhaps it's not U...nicorn? Perhaps, it's Me... Like, y'know? I'm coming from a thick, light balsa carbon Nexy Labyrinthos (and DG or Dtecs) withTenergy 05/MXP/Fastarc G1 on the FH. It's a setup I try to leave and yet, like that partner who is a bit crazy and out of control, dangerous, but sometimes too dangerous, it just keeps luring me back with it's fizz and zip and power. And compared to the hot but slightly psycho Labyrinthos, my FH shots with the Unicorn were literally dribbling over the net. (Alright, not dribbling, but...) Sure, every one of my FH shots also went on the table, steadily, without fuss--the control is awesome--but a whole lot more than usual were coming back with interest! I don't think I hit a FH winner last night once. And playing choppers/defenders? Last week I had to remove my arm at the shoulder and stick it in a bucket full of ice. Again, every BH push went on, I could play the angles with ease, looping was...nice, easy, comfortable...but harmless.


Kev, have you tried the Hellfire X with the Labyrinthos?

I did and I felt it was harmless and hard to control on the Laby. It is totally tamed or enhanced, you could say, by the Unicorn. In fact, I am done with the Labyrinthos I think. Really over her this time! No, really... I loved that blade for a time--more during the cell ball days--but am looking for more control to play a bit further off the table. I have one FL, virtually new model left to sell if you or anyone is interested. It's a great blade with a fast FH, and none I've tried pairs better with Dtecs or Dornenglanz.


PostPosted: 08 Jan 2021, 17:35 
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Blade: ]Zhang Jike Blue Dragon
FH: Xiom Vega Euro DF Max
BH: SauerTroger Hellfire X OX
I like the Hellfire X in OX. I have put it in a number of blades including the Unicorn.

Blade-wise I’ve settled on the Butterfly Innershield Layer ZLF. For blocking and defensive “touch” play the wood is soft and controllable. For harder chopping and attacking (I love attacking with the Hellfire) the carbon layer provides a crisp snappiness.

The same snappiness carries over beautifully to my forehand where I use Xiom Vega Europe DF in Max, which is a normal enough rubber with a pretty slow sponge, though I’m sure any inverted rubber would be fine.

Whether I’m flat hitting my forehand or using a whipping action to loop, this “slow fast” blade is awesome.

I’ve also tried the Hellfire and Xiom on the butterfly Zhang Jike original Blue Dragon blade. This setup was a little over my head - just slightly too fast for me. The Innershield has a similar feel in the way the carbon layer works with the wood, but it’s a little easier to control.

Recently I’ve really been just aggressively attacking with the Hellfire X OX sheet, and one gripe I have is the rubber doesn’t last long. It’s gossamer stuff, and it seems like I may just be asking too much when I’m attacking with it. I destroyed it in maybe 20 hours of hard play. Just put a new sheet on an hour ago.

I have four more sheets of the Hellfire X to use. After that I MAY try a TSP Curl (not sure which and open to suggestions!) to see how it holds up to my new and improved more aggressive LP style.

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2021, 08:23 
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Blade: S&T Black & White
FH: Armstrong SH-I 1.8
BH: S&T Hellfire X OX
bmoney0000 wrote:
I like the Hellfire X in OX. I have put it in a number of blades including the Unicorn.
I have four more sheets of the Hellfire X to use. After that I MAY try a TSP Curl (not sure which and open to suggestions!) to see how it holds up to my new and improved more aggressive LP style.

I used to use TSP Curl P3aR. Then Hellfire and now Hellfire X. My backhand game is mostly close to the table blocking and pushing. P3aR is great for that, minimal friction, slow and safe with good reversal. Hellfire is similar, not quite as safe but with a little more disruption. With Hellfire X I’m trying to attack more and find it much more effective for that. I don’t know which of the Curl series would be best for attacking but P3aR is not so good being very slow with very little grip. Curl P-H might be a good one to try. It’s also a little slow, but harder and grippier. I suspect it would be very good for attacking on an offensive blade.

2. S&T Black & White / Armstrong SH-I 1.8 / TSP Curl P3 Alpha R OX

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2021, 23:47 
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Blade: Unicorn
FH: Dignics 09C
BH: Hellfire X (OX)
I have 2 setups that I'm concentrating more on recently both with Unicorn and Hellfire X.

1) The Dignics 09C
2) The Hurricane III national but boosted. I have not boosted it again since about 5 months ago and playing approximately 6 hours a week in total between both setups.

I definitely prefer the Dignics due to the grippy surface and really getting my weight behind the shots ( when I'm in position). The Hurricane is also good but since its an older rubber it has lost a little sting but definitely fast enough for me.

I really can't compare these setups against a number of previously used options because the benefits are ridiculously mesmerising to me. One thing I do a lot is use the live rubber on my backhand and the pips on the forehand which suits my style perfectly. None the less the versatility means all options are on the table which I am thoroughly enjoying. As I stated in a previous post the only down side is the durability of the Hellfire X. I just attack too much which is the main problem.

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2021, 00:57 
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Blade: Grubba All + / Joola R1
FH: New Chopper 35º 1.0
BH: Dawei 388d-1 ox
DG poor durability, Hellfire X poor durability,Tm poor durability,.....if you think about it ,all the super mega fantastic new pips have poor durability,..... why?...$$$$$$$$$ whereas Dawei d and -d1, Bomb Talent,.... classic forever pips have outstanding durability and with this plastic ball they work great.You just need to get the right combination.In this era, the blade is paramount. No wonder Def Attack is always looking for the holy grail of the blades :lol: :lol: :lol:

I realised that if you play with an all + blade , you need a fast rubber on the FH if you want to beat a very high level player.Why? because in my club I have the opportunity to train with this kind of players.We need MORE SPEED IN SERVES and with FH attacks.If you play with a fast blade then, the fh rubber can be slower.

Against very good players, who play well against pips , we need more speed on the ball in serves and attacks to mess with their timing because if they are in position, no block, no fh attack will harm them ..

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