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PostPosted: 22 Mar 2018, 04:27 
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comodoensis wrote:
Actually, after 3 months of using 105 (again, since my first sheet's topsheet delaminated after extensive hardcore blocking practice), and some stroke adjustments which create a whole new strokes that become my signature backhand strokes inspired by wing chun's quick-slapping style combined with bruce lee's 1-inch punch :rofl: , I conclude this rubber is not a MP. From its physical appearance (pips height, width) even without precise measurement (just by comparing to some SPs and MPs), this rubber is a raw short pips, on the same classification as double fish's 820a 8)

Pros :
1. Good spin , especially when engaging sponge. This applies too with the 820a
2. What makes the difference between both is the speed. Since 820a's stock sponge is more on the dampening side, an extra oomph is needed to make a good pace, while it has superb control and easier to block any shots short right in front of the net. In the other hand, 105 has good speed on every offensive strokes due to elastic soft japanese sponge it uses. But, when you want to make a short blocks, though harder, it is not that much harder. Just a little adjusments, and you're there, with a greater attacking potential than 820a
3. Deception ? I feel both are the same. Still haven't found any difference except the blade angle which is normal (for me LoL)
4. Chops ? I cannot judge that well, since I rarely chops on matchplay, I prefer to end rallies quickly with forehand loopdrives and counterhitting, just the way fukuhara do (yes, I use her playstyle as one of reference other than tang peng and wang yuegu). Unless I'm a bit far from the table and I miss the timings on the backhand side, I won't chop, since 105 still able to generate good speed and spin for mid distance rally to keep the balls land on the table and give pressure to opponents.

What else, then,...oh well, to much good things I've experienced while using 105. Feel free to ask ;)

Now's the cons :
1. Don't know if this is qc issues or it's just me getting a bad batch, but its topsheet is pretty easy to separate from the sponge, luckily my 2nd one only slightly delaminated on the edges.
2. Again, don't know if this is qc issues, bad batch, or it is the intensity of my training sesions (20++ hours a week, yet I feel I'm still the same noob I used to be LoL), the pips started to break. Luckily only on the edges and it doesn't fully break apart so I decided to take a needle and some andro glue, put some drop of glue inside the pips' crack, press it a while, and it's good as new LoL

So where's the pluto ? Umm, I decided to keep it on my shelf for a while. Still can't get used to it, decided to focus on one setup for at least a year, and the club's 'pluto wars' is not as fun as it used to be since lots of people gave up using it LoL


is there any real MP not hard to handle?


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