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 Post subject: Re: ALL IN
PostPosted: 29 Nov 2017, 21:24 
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zeropong wrote:
It should be noted that most the higher/better players are using the Thor's hammer version of sponge on the tacky and some are using it on the non tacky side.

Zero with Thor's is faster than most players will want, like Bryce speed kinda fast, the original red sponge is intentionally tame as is the blue diamond but to a lesser degree. Looking forward to the new NON tacky offerings with the GearZ sponge X3Diamond and the longer under pip version Mech-Tek, these are a bit more sane than the Thor's hammer version of Zero.

If you are a Tenergy user I would wait until the GearZ sponge rubbers come out, X3Diamond or the Mech-Tek.

Blade heads tend to be a bit on the large size for the Fire Dragons. I may scale it back a little on the next run, my original attitude was you can always take wood off, hard to add it back.

Head width: 151mm+-2
Head height: 161mm+-2

Thanks. The blades are too large for my liking. Gluing rubber is hassle enough for me sometimes, let alone shaving down a composite blade. I imagine I would need some pretty hardcore equipment to cut through carbon arylate.

One issue that I have is the descriptions of the rubbers. I want to know the sponge hardness, preferably using the same durometer scale as esn or dhs. I also want to know how tacky the rubber is.

You mention the gearz sponge. Is this sponge better than the Thor's hammer? How is it different? Is it just the sponge hardness or is the formula different? Is it only going to be used for non tacky rubbers?


 Post subject: Re: ALL IN
PostPosted: 30 Nov 2017, 07:24 
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We are likely going down in size for the Vectors.. you are correct NEVER try to cut a blade unless you have a shop, homemade changes to blade size should be done with a sanding block.

Draw on the wood what you want to take off the blade, turn on the TV and start, then the wife will come in and yell at you for getting sawdust in the cracks of the sofa, and send you to the garage to finish.


 Post subject: Re: ALL IN
PostPosted: 31 Dec 2017, 04:39 
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I have been a supporter and advocate for Tom and his products for 12 years now. It is great to see his expansion and new products. I am really having fun learning the GXS in 1.5 sponge. Fast and great control. Keep up the good work Tom!

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 Post subject: Re: ALL IN
PostPosted: 09 Mar 2018, 04:08 
Ninja of the Holy Chtchet
Ninja of the Holy Chtchet
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WorkoutMontage wrote:
Perhaps I'll buy a few sheets and give them a review when they are released. I hope that 'superior engineering' doesn't end up being a false claim.

I've only ever seen one division 4 player use Gambler products. Perhaps Gambler isn't as prolific in Aus as it is in the US.

I know of 3 players in the DC area over 2100 who use Gambler Reflectoid. I have seen several blades out there as well. I myself use Reflectoid (off and on). It's a specialty rubber for defensive players (mostly) but there are few rubbers quite like it. I can tell you I've never run into quality issues with it, and the tack seems to be immortal.

I recently saw a guy around 1900 testing Burst, not sure which one. He seemed to like it.

I think that as with anything, the challenge to cracking the "Advanced players" market, is through familiarization. If the price is right (which it always is) and a few people test it and like it, the word will spread.

Perfect example of this is Sauer and Troger and Spinlord. There are several pros that now use their rubbers. Now, their claim to fame are defensive and Pips rubbers, but they cracked an "advanced level market" nonetheless.

Needless to say, I love zeropong and will continue to buy from them. I'm keen to try Burst...but I'm just a lowly 1630 level player, and by no definition "advanced." Next up, GXS as I'm trying out different SPs these days.

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 Post subject: Re: ALL IN
PostPosted: 02 Apr 2018, 09:27 
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@ Tom,

i bought 4 of your blades recently, looking forward to trying them all out !

i ordered what is listed below..


really interested in the larger longer face blade.. the stiga clipper has that longer larger face, my current blade the yasaka extra offensive 7 has a shorter face but has the flex i am looking for.
most of my forehand and backhand contact on my face of the racket is always towards the outer tip of the sweet spot, towards the tip, so the longer face should be huge help for power and spin.

hopefully one of these will be the flex i am looking for.

i will try to give review once i have had time to try them out...
my style is forehand attack oriented (Hurricane 3) and standard backhand with (Tenergy 05)
my last rating was (2128) but this was 3 years ago..

anyways really excited to trying out the new blades..


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