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PostPosted: 21 Jun 2019, 22:27 
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Hi All,

I have searched the forums and not found an answer to this, hopefully it wasn't just a bad keyword search :)

There is a lot of talk around our league and comments I have read on the forums about how "Round" the ball is and usually about how bad some are compared to others. in my very humble (and not experienced ) opinion , these opinions seems to be very subjective especially at our league level (local level), but because some people "appear" to be experts they are taken as the ones that define how good or bad a ball is.

I appreciate that some are obviously bad and you can actually see this or should I say I can only see this in a one or no star ball usually because I don't know any better :lol: , but how do other forum members tell this "roundness" factor with some degree of common sense?

Also putting aside each persons own subjective feel, is there a more scientific or standard way to tell other than spinning the ball on flat surface and then "seeing" it wobble ? ... but please, don't get me started on how many variables this (Ahem) "test" has ! :@ ! :@ ! :@ !

The reason I ask is that we have a testing session coming up for the new balls for the winter season and I would like to see at least a basic level of common sense approach being adopted.

MANY THANKS in advance :)


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PostPosted: 21 Jun 2019, 23:04 
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You're not serious about ball roundness unless you have a table tennis ball roundness tester.


In my experience, most balls wobble to some degree, even the highly regarded Nittaku Premium 3*. Spinning the ball on multiple axes will determine if the ball is 'good enough'.

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2019, 03:46 
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In the 1970s the pros would make a show of spinning several balls on the table to pick the one with the least wobble. I saw them do this at the World Cup in Kuala Lumpur. No one seems to do this any more - I suppose 1) they don't get the choice of balls any more, and 2) the balls used in tournaments don't really wobble worth anything any more. It's only us EJs and hobbyists that worry about this sort of stuff.. :lol:


PostPosted: 22 Jun 2019, 04:53 
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https://ittf.cdnomega.com/eu/2018/11/20 ... _05_30.pdf
2.3. Multi balls
The “Multi Balls” system will be implemented, as follows:
• From the first round of the Main Draw onwards.
Prior to each match the players are free to select 20 balls out of aprox. 30.
• The assisting umpire has a certain number of balls and throws the next ball to the player between
points, during the match, and the players will not pick up the ball from the floor (net balls can be
• The use of volunteers collecting the balls after each point is preferred, to avoid having a certain number
of balls on the floor during TV matches and creating a practice session feeling.
• The ball kids should be located outside the show court out of the main camera view and small, square,
dark color stools should be used for seating.
• The ball kids must wear the shirts provided by the ITTF or otherwise approved.
• It is recommended to have small dark color stools at the 4 corners show court.

Kirill Gerassimenko (WR47) told once a fact that it would take up to 10 minutes for players to sort out wobbly balls prior to a match, by spinning the balls on the back-up table. It is a tedious job, indeed.
Once selected, the balls may be re-used over and over again for consequent matches.

Be happy.

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